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We welcome into our school children aged between two and five years, without any restriction because of race, gender, religion, or disabilities. If children are not toilet-trained they are asked to bring a bag to school containing their nappy changing requirements. A detailed nappy changing policy is available to parents for information. Two-year-olds who need to sleep during the morning are advised not to attend that session. Children should attend for at least one year, but preferably until they are admitted to reception class in Infant School to achieve the benefit offered by the Montessori Method of education. A multi-cultural curriculum is offered to all the children. Each childís development is enriched by the distinctive contribution which can be made by children from different backgrounds and experience. We aim to increase the childrenís awareness of the diversity of family life and of the world.

Upon enrolment a refundable deposit of 75% of the fees payable per month is due. This will be refunded when your child leaves the school, providing that he/she has attended for at least 2 terms, unless an exceptional, unforeseen circumstance arises. One full termís notice in writing is required when your child leaves the nursery school, or one termís fees is payable in lieu of notice.

We welcome visitors, so please phone Sue Cramer on 020877636284,

to let us know when you would like to come and see our school,

as this is the best way to find out what makes


Please visit our website or email us at hillcrestmontessori@yahoo.co.uk

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